who we are

  • History

    Established in late 2014, Vigil was the brainchild of several long-time raiders who wanted a different type of gaming community. A community that was focused on more than just logging in for a few hours a week to raid. Since then, we have strived to be competitive in the semi-hardcore raiding scene, while creating a collegiate environment of friends.

  • Approach

    We approach raids with a levelheaded - let's have fun attitude - while actively encouraging our raiders to improve in all aspects of play. Raiding is an ongoing learning experience. None of us are perfect and we support each other on the path to improvement. We believe in a hands-on approach where your success becomes our success and to that end we all work together to combine winning strategies, optimizing our raider's characters and responsibilities

  • leadership

    At Vigil we pride ourselves on having an approachable, and sensible leadership. With that in mind, we take every raid member’s opinion seriously, and important decisions that may affect the guild, such as applicant consideration, are handled in conjunction with our raid members as a community. Through our members, we have continuously evolved and strengthened that community.

  • results

    Our community first approach has proven to be successful. The result of our methodology has been a tight knit community of players able to maintain ranks among the top 80 guilds in the U.S. Many of our members have significant backgrounds in hardcore raiding and have raided in some of the world's top guilds. For others, Vigil was their first experience in a structured raiding environment. Through hard work, dedication, and respect, anybody can join the Vigil raiding team and experience cutting edge mythic progression.

Community Driven

We pride ourselves on not only being a competitive raiding environment, but also fostering a family feel. As a member of the Vigil team, your contributions (and there are many ways to contribute!) will help propel us forward in the years to come.

more than raiding

Gone are the days of logging on to voice chat and not seeing anyone around. When we're not raiding, you'll find us playing the latest titles, planning guild retreats, engaging in our famous Hearthstone tournaments or just hanging out shooting the breeze.

The cake is not a lie!

Why not have your cake, and eat it too? Vigil represents the rare combination of serious, mature and talented raiders to down mythic content on a competitive level, a respectful and open-minded community and the leadership to take Vigil into the future of WoW.

this is vigil

A word from our guild leader

"Welcome to Vigil! Since our inception, this community has grown into something that I never thought would be possible. We have gone through growing pains like any other guild has, but we've emerged stronger as a team from each of those tribulations. Striking a balance and being truly semi-hardcore is no easy feat, but I believe we did just that. With that said, I'm proud to be the leader of this committed, intelligent, and FUN group of people. I hope that you'll consider being a part of it, too, and help us shape our next grand adventure in gaming."


The Leadership

Heal Lead

TJuice is a Sargeras native since Classic, and is the healing lead for Vigil. His experience gives him a deep appreciation for all healing classes and their individual strengths.

Raid Lead

Notthesun is the Raid Leader and main tank for Vigil. Some would even say he's the "backbone" of the guild.

DPS Lead

Formerly a Rogue, Velth has raided since Classic when he was a member of Evil Empire. He has a long history of competitive raiding as a melee DPS.

The anatomy of a vigil raider

  • Respectful

    Respect begins with the essential tenets of a semi-hardcore raider. Our raids begin promptly at 6:00 PM CST, with the expectation that all our members will be online at 5:45 having researched fights and their roles, consumables and a good attitude! From there, we expect that all members will treat each other with respect throughout the raid. Wipes to any encounter can be stressful, but it's important to be level-headed and roll with the punches. Remember, you have 19 other people relying on you!

  • commited
    my mom unplugged my router...

    Commitment is meeting the requirements that you agree upon when you begin trialing with us. Attendance is very important in any guild, and in order to keep a relatively thin roster that allows as much playtime as possible for all members, attendance is key. We expect that all raid members will honor this commitment and meet our attendance requirements as well as keeping AFKing to a minimum and performing your assigned role effectively and to the letter (attendance, attitude, and player quality are just some of the determinants in loot council decisions).

  • inclusive
    does not apply to overwatch

    The key to a thriving community is to stay away from the cliques and groups that often form in guilds. Vigil Raiders are inclusive of both new and old members. You will always hear "Come join us!" and we expect the same from you.

Heard Enough?

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